Strategic Planning
We help businesses devising their own strategy. The main goal of strategic planning is to give direction and demonstrate the line of activities that are needed to be adopted by a company to achieve its targets and its mission. The strategic plan has to be dynamic and to be evaluated and adjusted in accordance with market conditions.
Business Planning
Managing a business demands dedication, persistence, knowledge, the ability to make decisions and the ability to manage the company’s resources, these being employees, finance, technology.
We help business to create the management plan, along with the marketing and financial management plans, to set the foundation for and to facilitate the success of every business.

We are concentrated in strategic and business planning since we believe that planning sets the basis for growth and wealth.
We use the benefits of such plans to:

  • analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats of the company in the market
  • initiate thinking
  • give direction
  • set targets
  • organize and allow control mechanisms
  • be results oriented
  • generate motivation
  • make business operations more systematic
Marketing Communications
We are heavily involved with messages and related media used to communicate with a market. We are practicing advertising, branding, direct marketing, graphic design, marketing, packaging, promotion, publicity, sponsorship, public relations, sales, sales promotion and online marketing. We use strategic elements of branding and marketing in order to ensure consistency of message delivery throughout an organization.

Many trends in business can be attributed to marketing communication, for example: the transition from customer service to customer relations, and the transition from human resources to human solutions. Marketing communication is concerned with the general behavior of an organization and the perceptions of the organization that are promoted to stakeholders through these messages. Marketing communications is primarily concerned with demand generation, product/produce/service positioning.