Immigration – Migration Consulting Services
Our specialised department deals with the issue and/or renewals of temporary residence and employment permits, pink slips, and acquisition of green cards for third country nationals.
We help third country nationals to apply for acquisition/re-acquisition/renewal of the status of long-term resident in the republic and immigration permit for long term resident in first member state.
We have developed the necessary skills and expertise to help third country nationals and we offer our services in an accurate, prompt and efficient manner with very fast and successful results.
English – Russian – Greek language
We are fluent in English, Russian, and Greek language and we do recognize the importance that every client may wish to speak to us in their language of origin.
We offer official translations certified by the Press Information Office of the Government of Cyprus.
Специалист по иммиграционному праву
Специалисты по иммиграционному праву помогут вам в оформлении и получении всех видов виз на Кипре по доступным ценам.

  • Консультация и оформление статуса долговременного резидента на Кипре (green cards, category A-F)
  • Оформление и получение кипрского гражданства
  • Получение и продление вида на жительство, пинк слип
  • Открытие счетов и рнгистрация компаний