Our Philosophy
We provide timely, personalised and professional service of high standards tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We offer independent and objective advices and recommendations to our clients. Our services aim to improve the quality of decision making, to bring continuous improvement in the business and to improve their operational and financial performance.

In addition we counsel corporate management in the area of business operations and management. Today’s business environment is dynamic and complex. Technological advancments, globalisation, information highways, internet, e-business are some of the factors that need to be seriously considered by businesses. Our services are designed to help our clients deal with these issues. As a result our clients are better equipped to meet the challenges of the new era.
We’re a professional services firm built on the notion that ideas and business relationships grow best in small groups, with flat structures, fast timelines and high expectations. That’s why we call ourselves a boutique of professional services.

Our Beliefs
  • generation of business momentum
  • creative thinking
  • results orientation
  • planned business development
  • creation and enhancement of business relationships
  • real and measurable results
  • 100% commitment to our clients
  • active partnership with our clients
  • differentiation and standing out from the crowd
  • confidentiality

Kyriacos L. Konstantinou

Kyriacos Konstantinou as a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, and the Operations Research Society (UK) he has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Cyprus and international markets. His experience also includes assistance and guidance to management in various kinds of negotiations and in finding franchising opportunities.
Kyriacos L. Konstantinou
Managing Director